01 | 12 | 2021
TT21 Transponder PDF Print

Trig TT21 and TT22 Mode S Transponders

The TT21 is a TSO'd class 2 low power transponder ideal for gliders (current draw is less than 0.5 amp).

The TT22 is a TSO'd class 1 transponder that is required for ADS-B out compatibility in the US.

The Control Unit fits conveniently into a standard 57 mm panel cut-out while the main unit with integral altitude encoder can be mounted remotely behind the panel or in the baggage compartment.  The combined mass of both units is only 500 g.

The Trig can also be purchased as a "remote" unit without the TC20 control head and then connected to an ACD57 as the altitude encoder and control head.

This Mode S transponder will also integrate well with the flarm system.  Installing a Mode S and Flarm unit with proper configuration of both untis will allow other flarm equipment to ignore the transponder signal from your glider and track only the flarm signal.

Installing only a Mode S and flying in a gaggle with other gliders will cause chaos with everyone else's flarms!  So if you are considering a Mode S only and fly with lots of other flarm-equipped gliders, please install both.


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TT21 $2290 US

TT22 $2330 US

TT22 Remote only $1795 US