15 | 07 | 2024
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The Schempp-Hirth Line of Gliders

Ventus 3




The latest 15m/18m racing sailplane from Schempp-Hirth. Designed to be a class leader.

  • Ventus 3 pure glider
  • Ventus 3T - with Solo 2350 sustainer engine
  • Ventus 3F - with Front Electric Sustainer
  • Ventus 3M - Self-launch glider

Download the Ventus 3 Brochure for more details


The 20 m two-seat Arcus is known for its superb handling and excellent performance has received an update for 2020.  See the video below for details.

  • Arcus pure glider
  • Arcus T - with 30 HP Solo 2350 D sustainer engine
  • Arcus M - self-launching glider with 67 HP Solo 2625-02 i engine
  • Arcus E - Electric self-launching glider 56 HP EM42 motor

Download the Arcus Brochure for more details




Discus 2 

Duo Discus XL

The Discus 2 has been a top placing standard class sailplane since its inception.

  • Discus 2a - with the narrow fuselage for peak performance
  • Discus 2b - with the wider fuselage for comfort
  • Discus 2c - with available 15m/18 m wing tips
  • Discus 2cT - with Solo 2350 sustainer engine
  • Discus 2c FES - with Front Electric Sustainer

Download the Discus Brochure for more details

The Duo Discus XL builds on the success of the Duo Discus line.

 The fuselage is the same as the Arcus, providing an extra 6 inches of cockpit length.  The addition of winglets to the tips improve upon the already legendary handling and performance. Also new are landing flaps that deploy automatically with the spoilers to reduce energy during landings.  This combined with a new hydraulic disc brake system allow the Duo XL to be landed and stopped in a shorter distance.

  • Duo Discus XL - pure glider
  • Duo DIscus XLT - with Solo 2350D 30 HP sustainer engine

Download the Duo Discus XL Brochure for more details