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ESA Systems TE and Multi Probes


  • When ordering probes, it is important to specify what socket is installed on the glider into which the probe is inserted.  

  • Most gliders use 8 mm probe sockets but some use 6 mm

  • If you are unsure as to what socket is used on your glider, please tell me the type of glider and year of manufacture when requesting a quote

  • Most probes are available in a variety of finishes including carbon fibre, nickel plated or anodized aluminium.


TE Probes

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te dn

The measuring head is very precise and insensitive to yaw and pitch motion. Based on wind tunnel testing, this probe should be aligned horizontally (parallel to the wings).

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The measuring head on this probe has two precisely defined slits for a very clean TE signal. This probe should be aligned with the head oriented upwards.

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The TE – measuring head is based on the long established Venturi nozzle principle. The TE head should be oriented upwards.

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TE + Static Multi Probes

A dual probe that provides a very balanced TE signal and an almost interference free static pressure. The measured values in the wind tunnel show slightly better results with horizontal TE alignment.

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A dual probe with a TE head with two slits and very precise static pressure. The TE head should be oriented upwards

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TE + Pitot + Static Multi Probes

A very popular multi-probe with double TE head construction delivers a very balanced compensation over a wide range of speeds. The TE head must be aligned horizontally.  Prandtl geometry is used for total pressure and static pressure.

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This multi-probe is a combination of a Prandtl tube  Pitot and static with the Brozel and double slit TE measuring head.  Shaft can be of wound carbon (200 €) or nickel plated brass (163 €). The TE head should be oriented upwards.

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This multi-probe is a combination of a Prandtl  Pitot and static tube with a Venturi TE.  The TE head should be oriented upwards. Nickel plated brass (175 €) Wound Carbon shaft (216 €)

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Pitot Tube

Commonly used with Schempp-Hirth gliders with pitot socket on the vertical fin below the TE socket.  Also available in gold anodized aluminium. 75


Protective cases are available for all probes so that they may be safely stored when not in use.   35 - 40 

Remove before flight tag and plug to keep insects and water out of the sockets when the probes have been removed.  Available in 6 mm and 8 mm. 16
O-Ring set for either internal or external groove 0.50