03 | 12 | 2020
Air Avionics
Traffic Display PDF Print


Butterfly Traffic Display

The traffic display can be connected to flarm or ADS-B devices to show nearby traffic.  It uses a simple and easy to read display under all lighting conditions.


iGlide and Connect PDF Print


Is an IOS navigation app that can be loaded on an iphone or ipad for use in flight.  It comes pre-loaded with worldwide data and is purchased directly from the Apple Appstore.


Air Connect

Is an interface module that connects via a DB9 serial port to your flight computer and then wirelessly sends the air data from the flight computer to your iphone or other mobile device by creating an IEEE802.11 b/g WiFi® network and transmits RS232 data via the TCP/IP protocol.

air connect

It features one central Power/Data connector (D-SUB 9) and a standard SMA antenna connector including a small quarter-wave antenna. Butterfly connect is supplied by a DC source in the range of 8V to 32V and typically consumes less than 100mA.

Price: 110 €