27 | 10 | 2021
LX Nav Flight Computers, Variometers and IGC Recorders
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The LX Nav Catologue

Download the LX Nav catalogue for more information about all the LX Nav products

Introducing the S100 and S10 varios (March 2016)

The S100 and S10 are based on the successful S80/S8 variometers, but now include integral GPS, back-up battery, bluetooth module and IGC cetification for all levels of badges and records.  

For a comparison of all the LX Nav variometers please see the table below:


LXNAV Standalone


S7 S3 S80 S8 S80 S8
Start of production 10/2011 11/2012 04/2014 11/2014 03/2016 03/2016




IGC Flight Recorder - - - -

Speed To Fly

Speed Command (sollfahrt)


AHRS - - Optional Optional Optional Optional
Built in Accelerometers


Built in Inertial Platform - -

Built in GPS Module - - - -

PDA/GPS ports


Built in Backup Battery - - - -

Internal Bluetooth Module - - - -

Rotary knobs 1 1 2 2 2 2
Ordinary buttons - - 3 3 3 3
Standard 57mm



Standard 80mm - -



The LX 9070 and 9050 

The 9070 is the new big brother for the LX9000 with a 7 inch screen measuring 180 x 113 x 38mm

The 9050 is the new little brother with a 5 inch screen measuring 136 x 83 x 65mm (compared to 145 x 113 x 38 mm for the 9000) 

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V80 and S80 Varios

The V80 iis an 80 mm unit that can be connected to the LX 8000 / 9000 family of computers.  The S80 can be installed as a standalone variometer.  It features a MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors allowing a built in AHRS and fast wind calculations. Now  Available!




V9 Vario 

The V9 vario replaced the V5 vario delivered with the LX 9000, 8000 and 8080

The V9 variometer includes a new suite of sensors (two pressure sensors, a three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyro), an upgraded main processor (Cortex M4), and a new 16 bit audio with much a more powerful output.  The new sensor suite now allows for a complete artificial horizon capability inside the V9.


LX Nav produces the LX 90xx, LX 80xx, S80, S8, V80, V9, V8, S7, V5, S3 Nano, Nano3 and Flarmview.

CLUB and SIMPLE versions of the 9050, 8000 and 8080 are also available at reduced prices

Click on the menu items to the left for specific details and prices.

For flarm users, the new V9 colour vario can be set so that it displays the standard flarm "clock" when alarms are received from the flarm.  This display on the vario is in addition to the flarm "radar" that is displayed on the main map screen.

v7 with flarm

With this additional functionality, there is no need for an external flarm display, the LX does it all!