01 | 12 | 2021
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The Oudie IGC - an ideal solution for club pilots


The Oudie IGC is a result of collaboration between Naviter and LX Nav and features the Oudie Navigation device combined with a built-in Nano flight recorder.

Application for IGC approval has been granted by the IGC- GFAC to the highest level.  This means the Oudie IGC can be used for all badge and record claims.

A nice improvement in the Oudie IGC is a bigger battery that will provide up to 12 hours of use on the internal battery, giving an all in one solution for secure flight recording and navigation in a portable device.  The new high capacity battery adds only 11 mm to the overall thickness of the unit.

No need for wires to connect the Oudie to an external battery and GPS - just put it in the plane, turn it on and go.  This makes it an ideal solution when flying club or rental ships.

Since the IGC approval application is based on the complete hardware and software package, the Oudie IGC will be approved only while SeeYou Mobile is installed.

Price: $1400 US

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Download the Oudie Manual and Quick Start Guide