25 | 05 | 2024
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Ground Handling Equipment - Wingstand, Tow-out bar, Wing Walker and One-man Rigger

Wingstands - with a mass of only 1.7 kg the Soaringxx wing stand is the lightest available on the market.  It is constructed of anodized aluminum.  For heavier gliders (two seater) you may want to use the heavy duty wingstand with a steel base


  • Wingstand: 125 €
  • Giga Wingstand (taller for two-seat glider): 185 

Tow-out bar - three piece galvanized steel tow bar and fueslage lifting tool.  The smallest tow bar on the market easily fits into the car trunk when collapsed.

Tow-out bar Giga -lifts the tail dolly and tows on its own wheels.


Price: 267€                                                      375

Wing Walker - contructed from Pre-preg composites and anodized aluminum.  One size fits all from single to two seater with the adjustable wing shell.

Price: 490 € (blue), 510 € (red)

One-man Rigger - powered by a 12 V battery, this electric rigger can be adjusted up/down and fore/aft remotely while rigging to align the spars.


  • Single seater: 1470 €
    • Two seater: 1560 
  • + 210 € shipping