25 | 05 | 2024
STX-165 Transponder PDF Print

STX-165 Mode C Transponder

For gliders that are not equipped with Flarm, the STX-165 Mode C transponder is a cost effective, low power solution. 

transponder jpeg


Price: $2100 US

The STX-165 includes an integral altitude encoder for simplicity of installation.  The only connections are for power, static pressure and antenna.  The acceptable range for input power is 11 - 32 Vdc via a 1 amp fuse and the antenna connects via an SMA connector.

Technical Specifications::

  • Size: 1.78”H x 3.5”W x 7.34”L (4.52 cm x 8.89 cm x 18.64 cm)
  • Weight 1.3 lb (590 g)
  • Power output: 200 W
  • Current draw: approx 850 mA
  • TSO certifications: C74d and C88b


The STX-165 can be mounted in a standard 3 in panel cut-out with the optional adapter plate, or as shown in this PDF.



  1. User's Manual
  2. Installation Manual