27 | 02 | 2024
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PowerFlarm Fusion

The original Core model was introduced in 2011 and has now been replaced by the new Fusion.  A major enhancement for the Fusion is the built-in bluetooth and wifi capability that allows configuration of the Fusion via a bluetooth or wifi connection to your phone or laptop.  The USB option to upload the flarmcfg file remains, but with the wireless connection declaring a task via the config file and phone is a great functional improvement in light of the IGC diamond badge leg declaration requirement. The Fusion also includes as standard equipment both TX/RX on the Flarm B antenna for better coverage.  One thing all Flarm onwers should be aware of is that when ever the Flarm is powered on you must have an antenna connected to the Flarm A and B ports otherwise you are transmitting with no load on the circuit and you may damage the board.

The bluetooth connectivity also allows the Fusion to send flarm and GPS data wirelessly to an Oudie running Seeyou Mobile or Android device running XC Soar or LK8000.


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  • Fusion with Mode C and ADS-B in: $1755 US
  • includes IGC approval and ENL recording for motorgliders
  • add EASA Minor Change Approval 
    • Glider:  $110 US
    • Motor Glider:  $170 US
    • Powered Aircraft:  $289 US

the Fusion comes complete with GPS Antenna, 2 x flarm antenna and 1 x ADS-B antenna as well as power cable and USB extension cable.


Wireless connection to the Fusion via the app is shown below:



Watch Training Videos about the Setup and Operation of the Fusion



Watch more training videos on the Fox One Corp YouTube Channel