25 | 05 | 2024
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LX Helios NG Vario

The Helios is a simple speed-to-fly vario with some excellent ancillary features.

The Helios has built-in GPS and an optional IGC approved flight recorder.  It can accept input from a Flarm unit and provide a Flarm radar screen and warning beeps. It also provides a Flarm clock-style warning page in the event a threat is detected. This allows for the vario to replace an external Flarm display and is particulalry helpful in a crowded panel.

The Helios also provides final glide and navigation information to the take-off location.  It also includes a thermal assistant page.

It has an internal battery that is charged whenever the vario is connected to a 12V power supply and provides 2 hours of backup operation in the event of a ship-wide power failure.  Bluetooth connectivity allows GPS and Flarm data to be output to an external display such as an Oudie or Android device.

The Helios has one pneumatic connection to a TE probe (or static port for an uncompensated vario), and OAT probe and a 12V connection.  An external speaker is included and connects via a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. An SD card reader is also included for firmware updates.


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Helios Vario:

  • 57 mm: 650 €
  • 80 mm: 750 

2nd seat repeater: 57 mm 500 €, 80 mm 650 

The following images show all the available pages on the Helios.