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 The S7 vario is a standalone digital speed-to-fly variometer and final glide calculator with GPS input and PDA/PNA input/output.  The Mechanical needle is driven by stepper motor and allows a fast and very accurate vertical speed indication.  When the S7 is connected to a Flarm device a Flarm clock screen with audible warning is displayed when threats are detected.

Please note the S7 is being discontinued in 2021 so once current stock has been sold they will no longer be availalble.  Instead the S8 or S80 Club versions are ideal replacements.

Price:  890 €

Rear Seat Repeater: 450 €

 v7 with flarm

The display is a two-inch 320 x 240 pixel sunshine readable colour screen with user adjustable parameters. The S7 has an Integrated g-meter and logbook.

A second indicator  can be connected to the S7 for two-seat gliders.

The S7 can be connected to various combinations of GPS and PDA devices.  When ordering, please specify the devices that you will connect. One GPS cable is included with the S7 and PDA cables are an additional 25 €. 

Cable options are:

GPS Source (included)
PDA (25 €)
Nano - CC-NP-LX Ipaq  38xx - CC-NP-38
Colibri - S7-GPS-IGC PNA / V2 HP31x - CC-NP-310
Colibri II - S7-GPS-IGC Mini Map - CC-NP-LX

Powerflarm - S7-GPS-PF (RJ)
or S7-GPS-PFCORE (includes
12V power in to DB9 )

Oudie  - CC- NP- Oudie

Other RS232 devices - S7-GPS-232

Other RS232 - CC-NP-232


Bluetooth Module  (75 €)











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Videos on Youtube:

Declare task from Oudie to S7                                            Update S7 firmware using Oudie