27 | 02 | 2024
S3 Vario PDF Print

A high performance stand alone, digital vario with altimeter, a speed to fly calculator and flight time logbook and optional 2nd seat repeater unit


Price: 650 €

Rear Seat Repeater: 550 

The S3 is stand-alone digital variometer with a speed to fly function and altitude display that fits into a standard 57 mm (2¼") panel cut-out. The S3 uses an integrated high precision digital pressure sensor,that samples at a rate greater than 100 Hz..  It is available with printed scales of ± 5 m/s or ± 10 kts.  Within the software, the user may select other ranges such as 5 kts, 10 kts or 20 kts for better sensitivity in the East or a larger range for the strong Western thermals!

All functions of the S3 are controlled using the rotary-push knob on the front face.

The mechanical vario needle is driven with a stepper motor and all other data is displayed on a 320 x 240 pixel, two-inch, extremely bright sunshine readable colour display. 

On the LCD display, the following can be configured:

  • Upper, middle or lower number can be configured as average vario, altitude, altitude in feet, flight level, flight time, voltage, speed to fly, absolute pressure .
  • Red diamond symbol can show average vario.
  • Blue arrow symbol shows current MacCready value.

Installation is simple with connections to Power and TE probe only.  The built in speaker can be augmented with a plug-in external speaker using a standard 3 mm audio plug.


The Rear Seat Repeater unit  features:

  • volume adjustable from the rear seat
  • independant settings for the front and rear units

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