15 | 07 | 2024
Nano 3 PDF Print

The Nano 3 - 65 x 42 x 22 mm


"The Nano 3 is one of the easiest pieces of flight electronics I have ever used.  Very intuitive and easy to configure/download."

Price: 590€

The Nano III offers the same small package as the original Nano and adds a 2" colour screen to provide a complete back-up solution for navigation and IGC file recording.  Up to 10 hours of flight time is available from the internal battery and this can be extended using various power management schemes such as turning off the display when not in use.

 The Nano III has a built-in variometer and can display, task, waypoints (cup format), airspace (cub format) and provide warnings. Tasks can be programmed directly on the Nano IIi or via the NanoConfig program.

Connectivity is the same as the Nano

  • USB interface (mass storage device)
  • serial RS232 interface for PDA connection
  • Bluetooth interface  for wireless connection with PNA or Smart phone
  • Mini-USB for in-flight power supply from ship's power (using the supplied adapter)

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Download the android Nano Config APP here.