27 | 02 | 2024
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The LX 9000 is a full-feature flight computer, vario and GPS navigation system.  It uses a 5.6" VGA colour screen and the Linux operating system. 

A V8 variometer is included in the standard package. A V9 may be substituted at no charge.

The V8 uses the same suite of sensors as the V9 but includes the full LCD display screen. 

Flarm targets can be displayed on the moving map along with all navigation and final glide information and the flarm clock can be displayed on the V8/V9 screen when warnings are issued by the flarm.

Price: 4390 €

  • internal powerflam module: 790 €
  • ADS-B in option: 590 €
  • optional touchscreen: 390 €

LX 9000 D (rear seat repeater) with I8 vario repeater: 2290 €

  • or for smaller rear seat instrument panels, consider the LX 9050 D and I8: 1990 €

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 The V8 can be upgraded to the larger V80 (80 mm) display for 190 €.


Videos of the LX9000 Set-up and Operation



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