27 | 02 | 2024
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The LX 8040



The LX 8040 replaces the original LX 8000 device that was the first colour screen unit on the market.  The 8040 provides more screen space while taking up less panel space.  With its 4" anti-glare screen and 2 1/4" (57 mm) V8 vario it will fit on even the smallest instrument panels.

Check-out this comparison with the LX 8000:


The LX 8040 runs the same Linux-based software as all the other LX flight computers and provides Airport, Waypoint and Task Navigation pages over layed on a moving map.  Airspace is displayed on the map and with an integral flarm or externally connected flarm unit traffic can be displayed on the map.  A Near Airport page gives you quick access to the closest suitable landing options.

The V8 variometer comes standard with the package as does IGC flight recorder approval.  The 8040 comes standard with the built-in wifi module to allow download of firmware and database updates directly to the unit as well as upload of IGC files directly to the OLC and SeeYou Cloud or via email to yourself and the contest scorer.

The 8040 does not include an SD card as all transfers can be done using the wifi.  An optional SD card reader is available for those who fly from places with limited internet access.

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  • LX 8040: 3490 €
  • LX 8040D - rear seat repeater 1690 €
  • LX 8040 club:  2690 €  (see the table below for a comparison of the club to full version)
  • LX 8040D club - rear seat repeater 1290 €
  • SD card reader: 100 €