27 | 02 | 2024
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The LX 9070

The big brother to the LX 9000 with a 7 inch screen.  The 9070 has the same width and depth dimensions as the 9000, but is 35 mm taller providing more space on the screen to view both the top and side views of your flight path as shown in the picture below.

The 9070 features the same proven software as the LX8000-9000 series fligt computers and comes standard with the V8 vario.  A V9 vario may be substituted at no charge.

For two seat aircraft, it can be connected to any of the LX8080D, 8000D, 9000D or 9070D rear seat displays.

Price:  4790 €

  • internal powerflarm module: 790 €
  • ADS-B in module: 590 €
  • touch screen option: 390 €


The V8 can be upgraded to the larger V80 (80 mm) display for 190 €.

LX9070D repeater with I8 vario repeater: 2390 €

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