21 | 04 | 2024
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Digital G-meter


The 57 or 80 mm Digital G-meters feature a sunlight readable display with ambient light sensor to minimize power consumption.

It incorporates an intertial platform 3 axis accelerometer that will measure ± 8 g as well as a high resolution airspeed sensor.




The maximum and minimum g-loads are shown in text boxes on the main screen as well as by max and min needle limits on the scale.  Instantaneous g is shown by the digital pointer.


The g-limits are user configurable to provide warnings specific to your aircraft limits.


An optional Flight Recorder is available to allow the download of files to the SD card showing the speed and g profile for the flight.


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  • G- Meter:  
    • 57 mm 450 €
    • 80 mm 500 €
  • G-Meter with Flight Recorder: 
    • 57 mm 480 €
    • 80 mm 530 €