26 | 01 | 2023
VT-01 Transponder PDF Print

The Garrecht VT-01 Mode S Transponder

Specifically designed for low-power consumption, the VT-01 is ideal for use in gliders.

It features an integrated altitude encoder and ADS-B (1090) out. All that is needed for the ADS-B out is to connect the main unit to an RS-232 GPS source, meeting the requirements for Mode S transponder systems (EUROCAE ED-73B Level 2 / RTCA DO-181C data link.

The VT-01 can be installed as a single unit, or as a main unit and remote display.  The remote display fits a standard 57 mm panel cut-out and connects to the static pressure and 12 VDC power.

The single unit measures 65 x 65 x 34.5 mm and the main unit measures 65 x 65 x 128 mm.  When combined as a single unit it measures 65 x 65 x 168.5 mm.  The combined mass is 800 grams.



VT-01 (class 2 - 150 W): 1890 €
VT-01 (class 1 - 250 W): 1975 €
Mounting Rack: 100 €
Wiring Harness: 27 €
Conversion kit for single unit installation: 6 €