21 | 04 | 2024
Handhelds and Base Stations PDF Print

Dittel also manufactures handheld radios and base stations.


The base stations use the standard FSG2T radio mounted in either the desktop case or portable case as shown below.

The desktop case is ideal for FBO office or vehicle operations while the portable case can be used at contests by the CD or start gate and by individual crew members.

Both styles of case have a built in battery.

FSG4 or FSG5 handheld Price 1825 €

PS case with FSG2T, internal battery, mic and antenna, Price 2410

F10386 PS (small) Portable Case

F10401  Handheld Mic

F10345 Antenna


F10383 Back up Base Station/Desk Top with FSG2T and integrated 12 V/7,2 Ah
battery, connector for remote control and voice recorder are integrated, 3-
pole-charging-socket Price 2875