21 | 04 | 2024
Funkwerk FSG2T PDF Print

The Dittel FSG2T is a panel mount radio that installs in a standard 57 mm cut-out.  It features 5 Watts (16 PEP) transmit power, 760 VHF channels and 20 memory presets.

Price: 1600

The more powerful FSG90 with 6 W (20 PEP) and 8.33 kHz spacing is also available for 3295

May 2013 -Funkwerk Avionics GmbH has acquired the rights to manufacture and sell the FSG2T and FSG90 airborne transceivers from Dittel. 

Please see the Dittel accessories section for pricing on Gooseneck microphones, speaker boxes and wiring harnesses that may also be useful as part of your radio installation.

The FSG2T is a direct plug-in replacement using the same wiring harness as the FSG71M used in many gliders so no harness or connector is required if you need to replace your radio.