25 | 05 | 2024
Funkwerk Radio Accessories PDF Print

Typical radio installations require the following components as well as the panel radio.

  • F10028 - Wiring Harness - 105
  • F10039 - Gooseneck microphone - 210
  • F10061 - Speaker and wire junction box - 135
  • F10050 - PTT switch for the control stick - 33

A typical FSG2T installation with all accessories listed above:  2083


As a less expensive alternative, the wiring harness can be replaced with a connector kit and you can solder the wires to the plug yourself.  Since most gliders have the PTT switch, microphone and speaker already installed those accessories can be removed when replacing the radio in your glider.

  • W00009 - Connector kit - 12

This reduces the installation total to 1612 as a retrofit for a replacement radio installation.

The FSG2T is a direct plug-in replacement using the same wiring harness as the FSG71M and Microair 760 used in many gliders so no harness or connector is required.