15 | 07 | 2024
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KRT2 Radio  Dittel Avionik


The KRT2 is a lightweight, low power radio ideally suited for glider operations.

Price:  1330 €

The radio has a dual watch function whereby two frequencies may be monitored at the same time, a helpful feature when flying near busy airspace.

100 frequencies can be stored in memory and can be assigned a text name instead of the usual Ch 1, allowing you to see the name for each frequency on the display as you scroll to select.

The KRT2 can be controlled remotely from your LX flight computer via a bridge adapter between the two units or with the ACD-57 display and altimeter.

Available in the standard 57 mm round mount or in a slim (add 50 €) landscape or portrait size for smaller/crowded panels.

  • Solder connector kit: 20 €
  • Wiring harness for single seat glider: 115 €
  • Adapter for AR3201/4201 or FSG71 /2T harness: 95 €

KRT2 Base Station - TB


  • integral battery
  • battery charger
  • speaker
  • microphone
  • antenna
  • aluminium case


TB case: 500

TB case and KRT2 radio: 1700