21 | 04 | 2024
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Air Control Display


The ACD is a 57 mm standard size multi-function display that can be used to reduce the number of instruments on your panel giving an Altimeter and control of a radio or transponder all in one instrument.


It is a ETSO'd electronic altimeter that can also be used as an alitude encoder for a transponder.

It can be connected to a radio to act as a remote control unit for the radio.  This can be useful in two-seat gliders, or if you wish to mount the radio remotely due to space issues behind the panel.  Currently the Air Com, Becker 62XX and TQ Avionics KRT2 radios are supported.

It can also be connected to a transponder to act as a remote control unit for the transponder and radio.  This again allows for the  transponder unit to be mounted remotely.  Currently the popuar Trig TT21 and 22 transponders and the Garrecht VT-01 transponders are supported.


The ACD57 is customized via a license model so that you don't pay for what you don't need.

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ACD57:  590 €

Altimeter license: 295 

ACD57 with Altimeter license: 850 €

License for Radio control: 255 €

License for Trig transponder control: TBD