25 | 05 | 2024
Becker Transponder PDF Print

Becker produces both Mode C and Mode S (57 mm) transponders in either a single block unit, or a remote transmitter with a control unit mounted in the instrument panel.  An altitude encoder is also required for these units.

Both the Mode C or Mode S transponders may be purchased with a 250 W or 150 W output.  For gliders, the lower 150 W option is preferred for lower battery drain.

ATC-4401 Mode C or BXP-6401 Mode S



Remote Unit for 4401 Mode C or 6402 Mode S

Control Unit CU5401 Mode C or 6401 Mode S


Single Units:

  • ATC4401-1-175 Mode C - $2160 (US)
  • BXP6401- 2(01) Mode S - $2760 (US)

Remote Units:

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