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The AR 6201 is a new model and successor to the very successful 4201 model.  It features both standard 25 kHz and (optional) 8.33 kHz spacing across the aviation frequency spectrum.  Switch easily between the 8.33 and 25 kHz modes with the press of a button.

The AR6201 is a slide-in replacement for the 4201 with identical pin-out for the wiring harness.

Price: $1375* (US) 25 kHz spacing - good for North America - (Model AR6201-122)
Price: $1395* (US) both 8.33 and 25 kHz spacing (Model AR6201-022)

Price: $415 (US) Becker Swanneck Microphone (1PM004)     

Price: $275 (US) wiring harness OR just use the included DB-15 plug and solder your own harness

The 6201 has a dual frequency monitoring capability and output power better than 6 W.  With a standby current draw of only 85 mA it is ideally suited for gliders. 

The dual frequency monitor allows you to listen to a primary and standby frequency at the same time.  The audio from the primary, always over-rides the audio from the secondary, and of course all transmissions are made on the primary.  This is a great feature if you want to monitor a control tower frequency and the glider frequency at the same time.


 The AR6201 has a 99 channel memory that automatically stores the last 9 frequencies that have been selected and allows for 90 user stored frequencies.

The AR6201 also features an integrated intercom for up to 4 seats so it can be used in powered aircraft, or two-seat motor gliders allowing the pilots to communicate via headsets when the motor is running.


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