15 | 07 | 2024
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The Canopy Flasher and Nexus Control Box




Make your glider more visible with the canopy flasher mounted inside the canopy.  Six extremely bright red CREE™ LED lights are visible ±40 degrees left and right of the nose and ±20 degrees above and below the horizon providing better visibility to traffic within this cone from up to 3 km away.


The LED system is mounted to the canopy using 3M foam tape for a light-proof seal preventing any light from the LED's refelcting back at the pilot.


The Nexus box is the brains of the system and it connects the LED to your Flarm allowing it to flash automatically when the Flarm detects traffic ahead of your position.  With 3 Flarm RJ ports, the Nexus also acts as a splitter allowing multiple devices/display to be connected tothe Flarm.

The Nexus also includes a bluetooth module that will send all Flarm GPS and traffic information to an external Nav device such as an Oudie or Android devive running XC Soar or LK8000.  The Nexus box also includes a USB port for easy firmware updates.



The LED's can be set to an automatic mode that saves power by activating the LED when traffic is reported by the flarm, or it may be set to an always on mode, but with additional logic that generates more intensive flashing when Flarm traffic is detected.  The mode is controlled by a panel mounted switch as shown above.


The wire harness to connect the LED to the Nexus box is designed for either forward hinged or side hinged canopies such that in the event you must jettison the canopy the harness quickly detaches from the canopy mounted LED.  

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  • Forward hinged canopies: 375 €
  • Side hinged canopies: 415 €

The complete system includes:

  • 1x Nexus box.
  • 1x CanopyFlasher with 3M double sided adhesive foam tape pre-applied.
  • 1x Complete cable set for CanopyFlasher with Auto/ON switch (100cm standard, other lengths available on request).
  • 1x RJ12 – RJ12 1:1 cable 50cm – for connection Nexus-Flarm.
  • 1x RJ12 – RJ45 1:1 cable 50cm – for connection Nexus-Flarm.
  • 1x Mini-USB to USB-A cable 100cm, for firmware updates.
  • 1x 15cm 3M Dual Lock adhesive tape for mounting of Nexus.
  • 1x Vinyl template for aligning the CanopyFlasher during installation.
  • 1x On/Auto switch marking/label.
  • 1x Installation and Operating manual printed in A5 booklet format.