27 | 02 | 2024
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Waterproof All-weather and Dust Covers

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Kerry Covers are manufactured in China and are a high quality cover for your glider to protect it from dust, moisture and UV when tied down.  There are two types of covers available


  • Dust covers - for indoor hangar use only - $750 US (15m - 18m) or $850 (20m)
  • All-weather reinforced covers - for use outdoors, waterproof - $1100 US (15m or 18m) or $1150 (15m and 18m) or $1250 (20m)


kerry_selevator kerry_selevator zipper kerry_selevator flag


kerry_swing cover kerry_swing cover flag


Patterns are availabe for almost all the common glider models from Schleicher, Schempp-Hirth, Jonkers, LS, DG, LAK, PZL

If a pattern is not available, it is still possible to create a new pattern by measuring specific dimensions of your glider and sending them to Kerry to manufacture covers for your glider.


Delivery time can be as little as one week for common glider models or 6-8 weeks if its not an in-stock model.