15 | 07 | 2024
Canopy Covers PDF Print

Metallic canopy covers are made from metallic spandex type material that stretches around your canopy and protects the interior from UV damage and heat build-up.


No more fumbling with bungees that secure at the back of the wing and tie strings that wrap under the belly.  Just stretch the cover over the canopy and you are done.

Price:  120 

Add Sunshield for forward hinged canopies : 20 €

They are compact and light and easy to stow and the cover comes complete with a bag in which the cover can be stored in the cockpit during flight.

Colours are not limited to the gold and silver as shown, other colours include:


Available for the following types (see below if your type is not on the list):


ASW-19, ASW-20, ASW-22, ASW-24, ASW-27 and ASG-29

Cirrus, Mini-Nimbus, Discus, Ventus (a and b), Discus 2, Ventus 2,3

LS3, LS4, LS6, LS8, LS10

SZD-55, SZD-59

Genesis 2




DG-101, DG-202, DG-300, DG-600, DG-800



Type not listed? Contact me as the list of available covers keeps changing, and we can make a pattern if it has not alredy been added.

Measure your canopy and provide the following dimensions:

Length - longest dimension from front to back

Arc length at the 25%, 50% and 75% length across the top of the canopy.