15 | 07 | 2024
Vinyl Letters and Decals PDF Print

Vinyl Registration or Contest ID Letters and Decals


Looking to put new vinyl letters on your glider or trailer?  


6 inch Canadian Registration marks are about $20 and 14 inch Contest ID letters are about $40 for a set of two.

Letters can be printed in all of the standard colours and can be in your chosen font




Trailer decals and lettering that have been weathered can also be easily reproduced.  For example the Schempp-Hirth decals on your trailer can be reproduced from a picture and printed on vinyl to spruce up your trailer.  Approximate cost for printed decals (16 in x 10 in) $20


Need to replace the COBRA labels on your trailer, we can make those too.  In fact, given a picture just about anything can be reproduced in vinyl.

Approximate cost for 2 x COBRA letters $20



Shipping within Canada in a special mailing tube is approx $30 per order.