22 | 11 | 2017
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Item Condition Description Price  
lnav Cambridge LNav Flight Computer and vario Used Connect to an external GPS for full navigation and flight computer functions.

L-Nav Manual here
$500 CAD

LX100 Vario Used LX100 basic TE compensated audio vario $300

Airpath C2400 pedestal compass New Purchased new in 2009 and never installed. $175










United 80 mm (3 1/8 in) 20 000 ft altimeter complete with calibration card, subscale in Hg.



$850 CAD

Lightspeed like New

Lightspeed noise canceling headset, in perfect condition with new gel ear covers and an extra set of ear covers plus Lightspeed carry bag.

Contact: jarekt "at" rogers "dot" com

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LX 20 Used

IGC approved flight recorder with cradle, complete wire harness and GPS antenna.

Contact: jarekt "at" rogers "dot" com

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LX1600 Used

The LX 1600 is a variometer/ speedcommand system, designed to operate with and be controlled by a PDA (iPAQ, for example). When connected to such equipment and when loaded with compatible operating program such as SeeYou Mobile, and connected to a suitable GPS source, the LX1600 is a full competition-capable flight management system that needs only one standard 57mm hole in the instrument panel.


LX16 New Electric Vario with digital display, averager and for Club use a really convenient flight timer that starts automatically on take off and stops on landing. 360€