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SeeYou Release 10

SeeYou now integrates with the weather app as well as TopMeteo and will suggest tasks based on either weather forecast.  Note that skysight and TopMeteo subscriptions are not included with SeeYou.

The new FAI triangle planner in Release 10 makes it easier to design the triangle that you want.


Run SeeYou on your ipad, iphone or any Android device all under one license.  SeeYou synchronizes with the SeeYou cloud allowing instant access to all of your flights from any device.

SeeYou flight planning and analysis software is the gold standard when it comes to gliding software and is the most popular program in North America.  It can be purchased online directly from the Naviter Website or through Fox One Corp for the same price.  The only difference is when you purchase it from me, I get credit for the sale!

Download the free trial version here


$155 USD for new installations

$60 USD for upgrades from a previous version

$360 USD to Bundle SeeYou and Mobile

Improvements in Release 8 include a built-in weather display using the very popular Top Meteo soaring forecasts.  While Top Meteo is new to North America, it has been in use in Europe for many years.

The Top Meteo weather overlay in SeeYou allows you to plan tasks directly over the weather forecast.  It will also go through all of your saved tasks and show you the longest task that can be flown in each of the next three days.  

Top Meteo is a subscription based weather service with an annual fee of $99 US and covers all of the US as well as the Ontario and Quebec regions in Canada.  See more details about Top Meteo on their website.


SeeYou can be used to view your IGC file after the flight and to analyze the flight to rate your performance and assess your progress.  As shown above, it can also display multiple flights or "maggot races".  The statistics menu within SeeYou provides information about:

  • your achieved climb rates during the flight
  • % of thermals to the left or right
  • % of flight time spent thermalling
  • overall L/D achieved during the flight

SeeYou also has a Task module that allows tasks to be programmed as Racing (Assigned) or Assigned Area  (Turn Area) Tasks.  Tasks can then be uploaded to your flight computer via the connection wizard, or can be assigned to a flight file during the analysis after your lfight.  Once a task has been assigned to a flight all the statistics listed above can be viewed for only the portion of the flight while on task (ie from crossing the start line to finish line).  In addition you will also see:

  • Task distance
  • Task Speed

The SeeYou turnpoint module can be used to manage all your turnpoints and to create new turnpoints by clicking anywhere on the map.

The FAI sector overlay is a great help when planning badge or record triangles and shows you where the turnpoint needs to be to meet the FAI triangle definition.  Don't have a point there, add it with a click of your mouse!

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