01 | 12 | 2021
Oudie 2 Lite PDF Print

The Oudie 2 Lite system gives you the flexibilty to run free soaring software such as XC Soar or LK8000 on the Oudie 2 hardware.  LK8000 is now fully supported on the Oudie platform,  See the LK8000 website for all the details.

A great replacement for that aging PDA, and as an added bonus it doesn't dump all the memory if the battery goes flat - imagine that!

Price: $395 US

The lite version includes the same hardware and accessories as the Oudie 2 and has SeeYou mobile pre-loaded, but without a license.

If you already have a PDA or PNA license for SeeYou mobile, you can use this license on the lite version, you can purchase a license in the future, or you can install the software of your choice.