01 | 12 | 2021
Oudie 2 PDF Print

The Oudie 2 is an in-cockpit GPS and navigation system with a bright 5" day light readable screen.  It is a PNA device with built in GPS and SeeYou mobile pre-loaded and is ready to use when you open the box.  The purchase of an Oudie includes a lifetime subsription to SeeYou mobile.

Price: $645 US or $770 US when bundled with SeeYou.

Options such as a hard case and Ca302 or LX cables are also available.

Download the Oudie Manual and Quick Start Guide


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When you purchase the Oudie the package contains:

1. Oudie
2. USB cable
3. Serial cable and 12V charger cable with RJ45 connector
4. Car charger
5. Universal wall charger with 4 different plugs
6. Suction cup mount
7. Cradle
8. Universal RJ45 to DB9 Female converter
9. Universal RJ45 to DB9 Male converter
10. RJ45 Female/Female Gender Changer
11. RJ12 Cable extension
12. CD ROM
13. Getting started manual
14. Gift Box