01 | 12 | 2021
Zeus & CAI 302 PDF Print

LX Zeus and CAI 302

The Cambridge 302 vario can be connected directly to any of the Zeus displays as a plug and play solution.  No hardware or firmware upgrades are required on the 302.  Power for the 302 is provided from the Zeus unit using the Zeus/302 cable.

The 302 sends all GPS and air data to the Zeus and the Zeus will send MaCready and ballast settings back to the 302.  The volume can be adjusted using either the Zeus or 302.

The Zeus can use two independant GPS sources, so a Zeus IGC system can have a Colibri II and 302 connected for redundant IGC files.  Another possible configuration is to connect a flarm unit to the second GPS port and display flarm traffic on the Zeus.


Reduce the price of any Zeus by 600 Euro if the 302 will be used as the vario.