06 | 05 | 2021
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LX Helios Vario

The Helios is a simple speed-to-fly vario with some excellent ancillary features.

The Helios can accept external GPS input such as from a Flarm unit and provide a Flarm radar screen and warning beeps. It also provides a Flarm clock-style warning page in the event a threat is detected. This allows for the vario to replace an external Flarm display and is particulalry helpful in a crowded panel.

The Helios also provides final glide and navigation information to the take-off location.  It also includes a thermal assistant page when connected to a GPS.


It has an internal battery that is charged whenever the vario is connected to a 12V power supply and provides 2 hours of backup operation in the event of a ship-wide power failure.

The Helios has one pneumatic connection to a TE probe (or static port for an uncompensated vario) and a 12V connection.  An external speaker is included and connects via a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. An SD card reader is also included for firmware updates.

The Helios may also be connected to a flarm device and provide a flarm radar and warnings.

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Helios Vario: 650 €

2nd seat repeater: 500

The following images show all the available pages on the Helios.