21 | 01 | 2019
S80 / S8 PDF Print

The S80 and S8 variometer

The S80 is an 80 mm standalone variometer and the S8 is 57 mm.  They feature a MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors allowing a built in AHRS and fast wind calculations. The S80/S8 calculate and display final glide information and also has a moving map display screen for navigation.

The S80/S8 like the S7 have both a GPS and PDA port to connect the extermal GPS source and an external Navigation device such as an Oudie.

If a Flarm device is connected to the GPS port, the S80 will provide flarm traffic indications, both visual and audible via the built-in voice synthesizer.

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The V80 and V8 indicators are based on the S80/S8 and uses the same display for connection to the LX 8/9000 family of computers.  For an existing LX 8/9000 installation, the V5 or V9 can be upgraded to a V80/V8 and all new units are delivered with the V8 as standard equipment.


Full Versions     Club Versions*
  • S80 Standalone vario: 1310 €
  • S80D (rear seat repeater) : 690 €
  • S8 Standalone vario: 1190 €
  • S8D (rear seat repeater): 590€
  • Add AHRS functionality: 690€
  • S80 Standalone Club vario: 890 €
  • S8 Standalone Club vario: 790 €

 *Club version does not include

  • airspace
  • task navigation
  • pilot profiles

The pictures below shows a layout of the available pages and features of the S80/S8. The AHRS is an optional feature that can be purchased as a firmware upgrade.

Video of the  S80/S8 Operation