22 | 11 | 2017
S100/S10 Vario PDF Print

The S100 and S10 Variometer

The S100 (80 mm) and S10 (57 mm) are standalone digital variometers derived from the S80/S8 platform that include

  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Internal battery that provides up to 3 hrs of back-up power
  • Integrated GPS module
  • IGC flight recorder certified for all badges and records
  • Final glide calculator and navigation with moving map
  • PDA inputs/outputs
  • Flarm Indication when a Flarm unit is connected to the input port
  • Additional Flarm radar screen
  • Inertial assisted high precision pressure sensors
  • Fast wind calculation with optional external compass connected
  • Built-in voice module and AHRS 
  • Optional artificial horizon
  • Easy firmware upgrades via SD card

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  • S100 - 80 mm Vario: 1590 €
  • S100D - rear seat repeater: 810 €
  • S10 - 57 mm Vario: 1490
  • S10D - rear seat repeater: 710 €

Hover over each image with the cursor to see a description of the screen

Task Screen with Moving Map  Flarm Radar Screen  Flarm Clock Screen

Thermal Assistant Screen  Vario Climb Rate Screen  Menus