25 | 11 | 2020
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The LX 8080 uses the same technology as the LX 9000, but is in a smaller package.  The LX 8080 is designed to be installed in one standard 80 mm and one 57 mm panel cut-out and is an easy swap for an older Cambridge, LX 5000 or Ilec SN10.

Price: 2790

  • internal powerflarm module: 690
  • ADS-B in module: 490
  • rear seat repeater: 1490
  • LX8080 Backup: 2090

The V8 vario now comes as standard, but a V9 can be substituted at no charge.  It is also possible to upgrade the V8 to the 80mm V80 for 190 €.  This gives significantly more screen space to display data and uses two 80 mm holes.

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LX 8080 Club Price: 1990 €

LX 8080 Club D - rear seat repeater Price: 950 €

Uses the same software as the LX 8000 and V9 vario, but with the following software limitations:

    • no terrain, no map elements (water bodies, road, cities).
    • the profile may not be modified using LX-styler.
    • no voice module


The Club software can be upgraded to the full version with the purchase of a firmware upgrade.

Individual upgrades such as terrain or map elements can be purchased for 190 €.

Upgrade the V9 to a V8 for Club version for 180 €.