01 | 12 | 2021
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The LX 8030

The LX 8030 uses the same technology as the LX 9000, but is in a smaller package.  The LX 8030  is a replacement for the 8080 and boasts 31% more screen area.  This has been accomplished by reducing the space consumed by the bezel and buttons.  The 8030 is designed to be installed in one standard 80 mm and one 57 mm panel cut-out and is an easy swap for an older Cambridge, LX 5000 or Ilec SN10 computer.

Price: 2990

  • SD card reader: 100 
  • internal powerflarm module: 690
  • ADS-B in module: 490
  • 8030D rear seat repeater: 1590


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LX 8080 Club Price: 2190 €

LX 8080 Club D - rear seat repeater Price: 1090 €

Uses the same software as the LX 8000 and V9 vario, but with the following software limitations:

    • no terrain, no map elements (water bodies, road, cities).
    • the profile may not be modified using LX-styler.
    • no voice module


The Club software can be upgraded to the full version with the purchase of a firmware upgrade.

Individual upgrades such as terrain or map elements can be purchased for 190 €.