25 | 11 | 2020
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The LX 8000 uses a smaller 3.5 " screen, the same Linux operating system and has all the functionality of the LX 9000. In May 2012, the 8000 received a facelift.  It is now 50 cm shorter and about 80 g lighter.  Club and Simple versions of the 8000 are also available (details below).

Price: 3090 € 
LX8000 D (rear seat repeater) with I8 vario repeater: 1490 €

See below for the Club variant.

The V8 (57 mm) vario can be replaced with the V80 (80 mm) vario for more display space on the screens for 190 €.  A V9 may also be subsituted for the V8 at no charge.

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  • LX 8000 Club Price: 2290 €
  • LX 8000 Club D rear seat repeater: 950 €
  • Internal powerflarm module: 690 €
  • ADS-B in module: 490 €

The Club version uses the same software as the LX 8000, but with a V9 vario, but with the following software limitations:

    • no terrain, no map elements (water bodies, road, cities).
    • the profile may not be modified using LX-styler.
    • no voice module

The Club software can be upgraded to the full version with the purchase of a firmware upgrade.

Individual upgrades such as terrain or map elements can also be purchased for 190 €.

Upgrade the V9 to a V8 for 180 €.