16 | 01 | 2018
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PowerMouse - FlarmBat - FlarmMouse

 Lx Nav produces three flarm units.

The PowerMouse is intended for fixed installations and includes a built-in bluetooth module for connectivity to various PDA devices such as the Oudie or Android systems running software such as XC Soar, LK8000 or Top Hat.

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Price: 690 €

The FlarmBat is a portable unit that includes an integral LED display as well as bluetooth for connectivity to peripheral display units.  The built-in battery provides 10 hours of standalone operations.

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Price: 1190 €

The FlarmMouse is a somewhat portable unit with integral antenna that can be mounted to the glareshield of the glider.  It has no display unit and must be connected to a Flarmview or FlarmLED type display.  It may also be connected to a computer with a moving map to display targets on the computer.  The FlarmMouse requires a wired connection to both power and the external display.

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Price: 590