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Cobra Glider Trailers


Simply the best trailer for your glider, the Cobra trailer has been continuously improved since inception in 1980.  Whether you are looking for a trailer for your new glider or wish to replace your current trailer ask Fox One Corp for a quote.

Cobra trailers are made-to-fit for all makes and models of gliders and can be purchased with a fiberglass top or aluminum top and with red or blue trim.  Using a case-by-case approval process with Transport Canada, new Cobra trailers are eligible for licensing as an OEM trailer in Canada.

To request a quote for a trailer specific to your glider please contact Fox One Corp and specify the type of glider as well as the trim colour and type of trailer top.  Trailers take 4-6 months to manufacture and ship.

Basic Prices:

  • for Standard, 15m /18m Class gliders with multi part wings:

    • fiberglass top: 13,450 €
    • aluminum top: 14,146 €
  • for two-seat gliders:

    • fiberglass top: 15,561 €
    • aluminum top: 16,698 €

Additional costs for the fixtures required to hold the various wing tips and winglets for the specific glider as well as delivery costs to the glider manufacturer and/or port will be provided as part of the detailed quote and will be about 3500-4500 € depending on glider type.



Parts for your Cobra trailer are also available through Fox One Corp, ask for a quote.