02 | 06 | 2020
Aircraft Import Brokering PDF Print

Importing a new or used glider to Canada?  Do you need help with the paperwork?

The aircraft import service offers you a turn-key importation process.  We will review the aircraft documents, determine its eligibility for import and complete all Transport Canada paperwork required to issue the C of R and C of A for your new glider.

The AME fee,and MDM fee are included in this service. Transport Canada fees such as the Application for Registration or reservation of a special Mark are not included

The AME fee includes a physical import inspection of the glider to ensure that it is airworthy, a review of the weight and balance to verify that it is accurate as well as preparation of all documents required for the MDM's inspection.  This inspection also acts as the first annual inspection for the glider.

The $600 MDM fee includes the conformity inspection to verify conformance with the type certificate and the issuance of the C of A.

Base Price:  $1900 (for gliders with a Canadian Type Certificate and no surprises)

Please Note: Before you commit to buy a glider from outside Canada you should first check with us to confirm that it is eligible for import and the documentation that you will need.  Gliders that are not immediately eligible for import may still be possible to import under a Special Certificate of Airworthiness (Limited).  However this will require additional work that is not covered by the base price above.