15 | 07 | 2019
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12 V Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

Price: $25 (9 Ah)

datalex battery









Datalex batteries sized to fit standard glider battery boxes.  Other sizes to fit non-standard battery boxes such as tail batteries are available on request.


Model # Specification Dimensions Price Application
NP9-12 12V 9Ah SLA VRLA battery,

151L x 65W x 97H mm, 4.75mm tabs

$25* - Standard battery size used in most gliders
NP12-12 12V 12Ah SLA VRLA battery

151L x 98W x 97H mm, 6.35mm tabs

$30* - Larger szie with 33% more capacity
NP7-6 6V 7.5Ah SLA VRLA battery

151L x 34W x 94H mm, 4.75mm tabs

$15* - Use 2 in series for a tail fin battery

* Prices subject to change depending on flucuations in the price of lead

SLA = Sealed lead-acid

VRLA - Valve regulated lead-acid